Ensure Successful
Accounting Engagements

Accountant's Drill is high-performance software for accounting data communication, import, and analysis. No matter what kind of accounting software your clients use, Accountant's Drill allows you to import their data to ensure your engagements are always well prepared.

Carry out your tasks more efficiently than ever before!

  • Account indexing
  • Adjusting entries
  • Data analysis
  • Lead schedule preparations
  • Creation of client files

Everything You Need to Prepare Financial Statements

  • Microsoft Excel® data integration
  • Data import from accounts receivable / accounts payable ledgers
  • Import filters (compatible with several software systems)
  • Network sharing of models and analyses

Easily access your clients’ data, regardless of the accounting software they use.

  • Acomba & Acomba X
  • Avantage
  • Sage 50 (Simply Accounting)
  • Quickbooks
  • Dynacom
  • And many others

Improve and diversify your analytics capacity and consulting service

Accountant's Drill has search, sorting, and sampling features which enhance and expand your ability to provide analysis and consulting services. It also includes ExcelLENS Working Papers, a tool for the design and preparation of financial statements which draws on the flexibility of Microsoft Excel.

Key Features

  • Access to complete client and supplier files and invoice history
  • Report production using actual or prior date
  • Adjusting and presentation entries
  • Data export to tax software

Accountant’s Drill

Document your engagements in compliance with the CSRE 2400 standard.

Accountant's Drill provides all the tools that professional accountants need to meet the requirements of the new Canadian Standard on Review Engagements.

  • Complete and up-to-date forms
  • Engagement template letters
  • Control lists
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Louise Dagnault, CPA Auditor, CA

Partner at MALLETTE LLP Québec Office

At Mallette, we’re proud to be involved in the annual review of the interactive questionnaires and letter templates included in the applications Accountant’s Drill and Programme de travail dynamique. Used in compilation and review engagements, these solutions have, over the years, become essential tools for many professional accountants. As part of this partnership, for several years we have been working with ACCEO Solutions to ensure that the software it publishes is always in compliance with the latest accounting standards.

A complete support service

  • Personalized startup assistance
  • Includes training
  • Unlimited access to technical support
  • Access to updates and new features

Accountant's Drill

Initial fees


Includes private web training

Monthly instalments

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an advisor

Technical information

Other applications required Microsoft® Word (for mass-mailing functions)
Excel® (to use ExcelLENS work files and consult Drill Guide)
Configuration requirements Show details

Preparing and following steps to complete engagements.

Made up of interactive forms and template engagement letters, Programme de travail dynamique (Dynamic work program) reproduces in computerized version the permanent and current files that you use in your practice, regardless of the financial statements software you use.

Do you do the accounting for SMBs?

We offer all the tools you need to support and grow the 40,000 businesses that use the Acomba and Avantage applications.